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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH

This effort includes tasks and activities to be performed by the contractor to support the Neuropsychiatry Branch of USAFSAM Aerospace Medicine Consultation Division

Minimum Qualifications

  • Shall be a fully licensed psychiatrist and board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Psychiatry
  • Possess at least 10 year experience, able to conduct and interpret clinical evaluations for aircrew, special duty operators, and other airmen required in support of FECN consultation, teaching and research task requirements.
  • Shall maintain permanent, full and unrestricted state license to practice medicine, and must meet credentialing/accreditation requirements of the Wright-Patterson AFB Medical Group, AAAHC, JCAHO, MAJCOM HQ, and HQ USAF.
  • The contractor shall have experience working with and evaluating USAF personnel or other DOD aviation or special duty personnel or minimum one year aeromedical psychiatry experience.
  • Shall have experience with writing comprehensive reports for third party use, as well as working on publications for peer review behavioral science journals and be able to create articles for publication independently.
  • Possess current and maintain Basic Life Support (BLS) certification

Work Schedule: Normally M-F 0730-1630; however there may be times when it is necessary for the contractor to work after duty hours in support of specific tasks. The schedule may have to be flexible.


  • The contractor shall conduct comprehensive in-person occupational aeromedical psychiatric evaluations, aeromedically-related telephone and chart review consultations on disqualified USAF aircrew with psychiatric conditions requiring a waiver to return to operational duties.
  • The contractor shall operate as an independent specialist within the Neuropsychiatry Branch and Aeromedical Consultation Service. The contractor shall participate in clinical conferences on a regular basis, and consult with other aeromedical specialists within the division.
  • The contractor shall operate as an independent specialist within the Neuropsychiatry Branch and Aeromedical Consultation Service. The contractor shall participate in clinical conferences on a regular basis, and consult with other aeromedical specialists within the division.
  • The contractor shall serve as an expert consultant or advisor as required in aeromedical psychiatric matters.
  • The contractor shall interview and examine evaluees, gather and maintain patient information and records, including social or medical history obtained from patients, relatives, or other professionals. The contractor shall evaluate and diagnose any pathology or disease process found. The contractor shall request specialized medical studies when professional judgment so indicates, and follow up on the results of such studies. The contractor shall examine or conduct laboratory or diagnostic tests on patients to provide information on general physical condition or mental disorder.
  • The contractor shall summarize clinical findings of FECN waiver consultations and clinical case evaluations of USAF aircrew, special duty operations, and other airmen in written and verbal format.
  • The contractor shall conduct FECN instruction/lectures via PowerPoint presentations to flight surgeons, aerospace physiologists, psychologists, and international flight surgeons in training at USAFSAM on results of FECN case reviews and research as applied to the delivery of mental health care and aeromedical psychological consultations.
  • The contractor shall write/create competitive, well-written, full drafts, as needed, of educational-teaching curriculum for required courses based on research and presentations and edit PowerPoint teaching curriculum drafts as directed by FECN professional staff.
  • The contractor shall design plans for scientific and statistical investigations utilizing data from FECN research data determined to be relevant to teaching and consultative mission tasks and applicability to USAF aerospace medicine and present findings at national and international conferences. All scientific and statistical investigation plans will be coordinated with and approved by FECN professional staff and Contracting Officer Representative (COR) for improving branch teaching and consultation capabilities.
  • The contractor shall collaborate with FECN professional colleagues and other FECN staff and organize review of scientific literature and participate in discussion of same with FECN professional staff and contractors, as needed- in support of teaching, consultative, and research tasks.
  • The contractor shall assist FECN professional staff and senior statistician in authoring scientific paper(s), professional presentation(s), and DoD technical report(s) in support of teaching, consultation, and research tasks. The number of presentations, reports and papers shall be determined by FECN branch chief and principal investigator based upon the relevance of findings as they become available.
  • The contractor shall assist in the data analyses, research design, report writing and research collaboration of FECN aeromedical research projects that support teaching and clinical consultations.
  • The contractor shall assure confidentiality of documents, communications and data (i.e., follow HIPPA and IRB requirements) related to teaching, clinical consultations, and research.
  • The contractor shall provide and receive technical guidance and advisory recommendations from FECN professional staff regarding teaching and research project management, as well as complex case reviews.
  • The contractor shall work with FECN professional staff to assure teaching, clinical consultation case reviews, and research projects are executing on schedule.

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